Gill Bates

Evil Villain

Gill Bates is an America icon. As a young man in his 20’s, Bates was forced to the limelight by his powerful mother Mary. She made some calls to sling shot good ol’ Gilly into the roof of silicon valley. After swindling some “base code” off a close friend, Gill Bates locked in a deal with a huge client. From then on, his non-empathetic & illegal methods brought him more and more power.

Gill Bates was an integral part of Johnny Apstein’s illegal sex trafficking & bribery ring. Everyone knew it.

Mister Splinter said this about Gill, “Gill is evil, but that gets washed down the media’s drain. Anyone who attempts to ask about or look down that propaganda-filled drain is violently ostracized. What is an obvious sewer hole, filled to the brim with corruption, is now painted as a rabbit hole plugged up with disinformation.”

We are currently still retrieving some of Gill’s background information. Each attempt has been denied by all 3rd party investigators. Apparently every P.I. that hunted down info on Bates has wound up dead. The cause of death: suicide.

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