Kratom Ambassador

Karen is a caffeine dependent life-form who has extraordinary powers. A woman of mystery and power, whose power is exceeded only by her mystery. “KK-47” was coined because she attacks with a rapid fire of verbal assaults. She gets people fired & makes people cower away cringing. She can literally smell when someone tries to video record her rants, so there is no video evidence of her freak outs.

Absolutely awkward when enraged, she becomes hyper-self righteous and becomes “boss-like” in every aspect. An almost magical like trance happens when she targets someone with her ragers.

While Karen is a warrior for justice, Karen doubles as the brand ambassador for HappyRootz. She puts all her off time (from saving the world) into selling Kratom and representing Indonesia’s finest. Karen is a controversial figure in the natural product industry, she is feared but not respected. But that fear brings her many perks. Nobody wants to be in front a Karen when she is mad.

There is more to come from Karen. Updates coming soon. She stars in a new cartoon series which airs in 2023.

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