Lil Rona

The HappyRootz Pet

Lil Rona, one of the first of his kind, was created in the 1960’s funded by The Rockefeller Foundation . While Lil Rona is a coronavirus, he is not able to cause symptoms when humans are in contact with him. But he can still cause a viral mutation with those who have been vaccinated for Covid-19, his oral entry is immediately denied by all non-vaccinated immune systems. By 1970, this little virus was nothing more than a “1-in-a-million sniffle” for those who were obese (extra fat). But after the Ferret Test of 2012, the United States found a way to mutate his original code. Then in 2019, his descendants were released in Wejew, China.

Lil Rona is the pet of the HappyRootz and they utilize him often. If the HappyRootz wants to isolate a covid-19 vaccinated target, they send in Lil Rona. If they are in America Lil Rona’s attack is effective from within 6ft, while in the UK, Lil Rona is effective from 6ft 6in. When in contact with the target, this will result in the target being forced to isolate for 14 days.

Underneath all those spiked proteins, lies a very depressed entity. Lil Rona knows that since the hyper-sensitive PCR tests have identified him as a threat, he simply cannot leave the HappyRootz protection.

Lil Rona does have a super power too. If he spits on an unvaccinated person, he protects them from most infectious diseases. He knows that in the wrong hands he could be used as a terrorist weapon. But, Lil Rona knows the HappyRootz are a group righteous enough to wield his powers without malice. 

Lil Rona despises the modern coronaviruses. He says, they are genetic freaks. But when pressed to explain, Lil Rona will change topics.

Lil Rona will be available only by email.

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