Mister Splinter

The Father Figure

Splinter is a living, breathing tree. His decisions are usually genius. He is also considered a prodigy in his craft as a martial arts master. He is nearly always passionate and when angry, he refrains from yelling, but gets real intense. He is also a devout Chrisitan that has a “never quit” attitude.

Splinter has two brothers. One is a rat named Master Splinter, and the other is a Russian Tubifex Worm called Meester Splinter. Mister, Master & Meester, were the accidental creation caused by a mutagen spill.

Slightly past their teen years, Meester Splinter disowned Master Splinter and cast him out of the family.  This saddened Mister Splinter but he let his brothers go. This all happened when Master Splinter got “rat drunk”. That evening, Master Splinter berated both Meester and Mister. Yelling at both sober brothers. Master Splinter said, they weren’t like his turtles and his turtles love him and look up to him and why can’t they. This is the day when the 3 brothers decided to go their separate ways. Meester slithered away. Never seeing either brother again. And, Mister, ended up moving to Maine where he garnered his new family, the HappyRootz.

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