Mitra Mac

A Lobbyist For The American Mitra Association

Mitra Mac is an ex-felon lobbyist. He was once implicated in a billion dollar insurance fraud operation in Florida. His influence at the time helped him circumvent those accusations. The bad seed eventually sprouted when he was arrested and convicted of a felony. He and his wife laundered money out of his fake charity. They convinced people to give hundreds of thousands of dollars in the name of washing hands. The charity focused on paper material marketing such as announcements being posted in hospitals. The posters “inspired hygiene in hospitals to reduce infectious disease.”

Mitra Mac has been called ego-maniacal and never wants anyone to “one up him”. He constantly interrupts people that oppose his stances, cuts people off, dismisses positions using strawman tactics and without thought speaks in hyperbole. His friends say he is “smart”.

A lot of kratom advocates think Mitra Mac is an overall positive attribute for the market. Most of the pro-AMA (American Mitra Association) folks don’t know his past though. His position carries enough influence to dictate where the AMA’s money gets spent. The red flags following Mitra are gigantic. Being a criminal lobbyist that handles a charity’s money is on his resume already.

While Mitra Mac personally courts ex-state governors to his also has “friends” in Indonesia. They include politicians and large kratom companies. His adversaries say, “the guy has his hand in any cookie jar he can reach. But, the donators are too afraid to lose their precious leaf.

As the leaf turns, we will update you on the latest with Mitra Mac.

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