Pan-Natural Expert

Often unreliable and easily distracted this non-gendered beauty is a powerful person in the HappyRootz lineup. Nonbinaria’s real name is “Noah Jenitulz”. She/Him is always offended by any name or pronoun you use & no matter what you say . Nonbinaria is a “good guy/girl” so when she/him finds magical ingredients, they list only those “for the forces of good”.


The ‘special powers’ that Nonbinaria possesses are thought by her peers, to have more potential than most. But, she/he cannot figure out how to control most of them. She/He does sometimes harbor the secret unlisted herbs for her/his own use. Which by most accounts, is “suspect at best”.


Nonbinaria has the biggest responsibility on the team. She manages all the natural products besides; kava, kratom and kronik. On the surface, Nonbinaria’s job is simple. She/Him/Her/It seeks out all of nature’s useful ingredients and then provides them to you!


Nonbinaria does not like to talk to customers and is very anti-social. She/he cannot be reached for questions.

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