All-Purpose “No Wobble” Nano Kratom Powder – 2.2lb (1000g)


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The “Super” Green in this blend has more of a chance for “wobbles” if you take too much, because it has a large number of stronger alkaloids. That is why our main strain is offered as a kilo: “All-Purpose “No Wobble” Nano” is “cured” for over a year. That harvest is mixed with the stronger “less cured” version (1x,2x,3x). In theory, the more “Super Green” that is in the product, the less you need to pull out of the bag. This “Super Green” blend is absolutely loved by some but could cause wobbles for others when too much is taken out of the bag. We recommend trying this “All-Purpose Nano 1x Kratom Powder” first, if you want to experiment with this potent harvest blend. We cannot guarantee consistent results with this “1x” product. No refunds on this product will be given because we are disclosing the strength of this product.

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Enurgie Rating: 9.2/10
Relaxx Rating: 9.2/10
Payne Releaf Rating: 9.2/10

Or main strain is offered as a kilo: “All-Purpose “No Wobble” Nano” is cured for over a year. To smooth out the experience allowing people to take more out of the bag without doing the wobble wobble.

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There are 50+ answers to common questions in that video. We are remaking the video in 2023. The description of the video has TIMESTAMPS (timestamps are easy guides so you can skip to the parts you want to know about) Some of the answers explained are to these questions:

  • Why do we not list traditional strains?
  • Why are alkaloid tests a load of garbage?
  • Why is the contamination testing done by labs NOT the best way to protect people?
  • What is a phenotype?
  • Why are credit cards so rare in kratom industry?
  • Why we are so much better than most of the competition?
  • Why alkaloid labelling is a false representation of what’s being sold?

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Weight1100 g


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