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White Z5740 – Limited


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Kratom Powder. Tested & Potent. 112g.

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112g (4 ounces or 1/4lb) Kratom Powder. Tested & Potent. Exact batch not pictured. Color may be slightly different due to processing, time, lighting & natural changes. This is an unadulterated pure product. Kratom reacts different then anticipated. It is dependent on the changing variables: personal re-activity, nutritional intake, irresponsible or responsible use, sleep schedule, hydration, stomach permeability, tolerance, method of intake, stomach vacancy, meal schedule, inhibitors, prohibitors, etc. The name of the powder is your guide to buying, but folks listen to this next sentence carefully. No matter where you buy this product, you can have differing results then what you expect, so take it with a grain of salt if you react different then “what you thought”. A lot of people also say, “quality kratom, is quality kratom” which we here at HappyRootz believe that is the case most of the time. Unfortunately, a lot of people would rather be lied to and be told, “this product does this”. But, that is not the case. Run from anyone claiming such predictions. The amount of product is usually the “x” factor, so play with it. Use a scale because the density of each powder can be wildly different. Nature is chaos. 112g.
nDisclaimer: Our product can pass the FDA’s and the AKA’s standards, but we do not endorse consumption. Our parent company Re-leaf LLC, has 5 years of a blemish free, INJURY FREE sales and we have brought over their renown quality standards. We repeat: we do not sell kratom for ingestion. But, we understand some folks will disobey us, so we have to tell you some things. When you experiment on yourself you can hurt yourself. Any consumption of our product could result in injury or addiction. Our product is an unadulterated, pure & potent Asian leaf sold to you for NO SPECIFIC REASON. Also, each 50g package is machine weighed and could be between 107g to 119g.

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