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Dr. Hoki Poki

Evil Villain

Brief info

Dr. Hoki Poki is the lifeblood of the democratic dictatorship in America. He is essentially a dictator that has more influence than Gill Bates. The carnage he creates comes from his ability to influence massive amounts of people in countless ways. Dr. Hoki Poki has a say in every single topic discussed nationally and most regional affairs as well.

He comes to the table in sheep's clothing and wears a bullet proof suit jacket made and upkept by big tech and the industrial media complex.

Dr. Hoki Poki is seemingly always in the position to be the "savior". He convinces most people to do what he wants by establishing control of all radical positions. With control of all sides, he can manipulate the Overton window of any topic.

Dr. Hoki Poki is essentially the devil in most details.

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