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F-Da & Nommi

Drug & Food Administration Executives

Brief info

Ehf Dhah is a Polish-Indian American that works for the Drug & Food Administration. At one point in his life, he was the treasurer for the Federal Reserve. And before that, he was the executive of a large investment firm.

Dhah wasn't always a dog either. His transformation into a dog-like creature started after he left his career as an investment banker.

Herbie says "Ehf Dhah simps for Nommie." Well, Nommie is Ehf Dhah's "older brother" in their council of executives at the DFA.

Nommie has long been a part of the Drug & Food Administration's reign of terror. He was said to have caused 11 Georgia turtle farmer suicides. He pushed very hard to make it illegal to sell any turtle that regularly carries salmonella on their shells. In the south, this industry was big. The lifelong work of these small, turtle selling families was now considered criminal. Income shut off overnight. 437 turtles died, as well as, 16 turtle farmers nationwide. Starting at line 4 on pg1134, SB520527 made the "sales of these turtles" a felony and outlined the sales as a "threat to national security".

The stories about Nommie are actually legends among the blood thirsty executives currently occupying the de-facto government system. Nommie is the Alpha gorilla of DFA influence and he is a regular guest on all the network news shows.

Mess with Nommie or F-Da, you'll be in a world of trouble.

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