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Hemp Flower Honkey

Brief info

Herbie is a man of many nicknames. He has a sticker on the back of his Ford 350 that says, "Nice guys finish last. Nice girls make lunch." The Hemp Honkey claims to be the "best grill master in the world".

His favorite shows are on Fox, Rumble and Bitchute. He averages about 20 shares a day using Facebook messenger as opposed to sharing on his personal timeline because, "Facebook won't let me share the truth." The Hemp Honkey has been suspended by Facebook 6 times for "hate speech". Which he claims, "all suspensions were made by Facebook to protect the deep state." He is also shadowbanned by Instagram, Twitter and Tiktok.

Herbie The Hemp Honkey is the world's first cartoon manager of a weed product. Herbie's passion is a positive trait for his sales. His confidence and mannerism in speech are very similar to Mister Splinter, his mentor.

He is far more controversial than any of the other HappyRootz because of his consistent and almost obsessive efforts to speak about controversial things. Many consider him a contrarian. But, he causes commotion to effectively disperse his super power. He says, "People get worked up, cheeba comes out and that's when the green gold gets the win." The data shows Herbie triggers about 10% of anyone he is contact with. He does this on purpose to "find out" who needs to "get that smoke". When the Honkey blows smoke around people, they become a conservative and receive white privilege for 24 hours. Herbie also says that he has many more "powers that would shock you". But, at this point nothing shocks us with this radical character.

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