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Mister Splinter

The Father Figure For HappyRootz

Brief info

Splinter is a living, breathing tree. His decisions range from genius to wildly stupid. He is also considered a prodigy in his craft as a martial arts master. He is nearly always passionate and when angry, he refrains from yelling, but does get real intense. He is the quintessential "bad advice guy" that has strokes of wisdom. Mister Splinter has a large ego but hides it with his "never quit" attitude. If someone is watching, he will not quit.

Splinter has two brothers. One is a rat named Master Splinter, and the other is a Russian Tubifex Worm called Meester Splinter. Mister, Master & Meester, were the accidental creation caused by a mutagen spill.

Slightly past the teen years, Mister & Meester Splinter disowned Master. They found out he was a massive megalomaniac. It all started when Meester had gotten Master, "rat-piss drunk". Then, the beans were spilled. That evening, Master Splinter calmly berated Meester and Mister. Whispering in the ears of both brothers. Saying things like, they "didn't look up to him like the turtles" and slur-whispering, repetitiously, "I am Biden, you are the people & the turtles are my scent-inels" The super sauced up Master was calmly raging. He turned to Mister and said, "I'd tell you to get the stick out of your a**, but, know". Master's hot rat breath had touched the neck of Mister as he was tree shaming him. Mister got mad and kicked Master right underneath his tail. Ironically, in a funny turn of events, Master was the one who got a stick in his butt. This is the day when all 3 brothers decided to go their separate ways. Meester slithered away. Never seeing either brother again. And, Mister, ended up moving to Maine where he garnered his own cult-like following, the HappyRootz.

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